Good drivers are rewarded with FlipCoins!


Direct trip

You go straight to your destination without detours? Great, you’ll get FlipCoins for that.



You’re dropping off the car on time? Great, of course you get FlipCoins for this as well.


Conscious Journey

You drive safely and protect yourself and others? For this you have earned the FlipCoins.


How does it work?

Our super fancy technology accompanies your journey and evaluates possible detours, journey time and your driving style.


What’s in it for you?

Would you like to book a sports car or a fancy limousine for 1€? You can use your FlipCoins for free rides or upgrades and drive fancy cars!


What do the smileys mean?

After your ride you get a smiley for detour, travel time and driving style. This results in the number of FlipCoins for your ride.