The FlipCar App

The key to a 1 Euro rental car

Here you can find available one-euro cars near you. Car rental companies, leasing companies and car dealerships can place their logistics journeys with us – you can easily find where their cars have to go from which city in the app and book your suitable journey. Super easy!

But there is one small catch: What’s gone is gone!
Since logistics trips don’t happen all the time, you may not always find a suitable ride. You can be notified for current routes via the FlipCar city alert.

From A
to B

The app shows you where the car needs to be picked up and dropped off.

Clever and cheaply

There’s a suitable ride for you? Book it quickly and easily with just one swipe!

Travel with FlipCar

Weekend trips, short holidays or visiting friends – spontaneously bookable via the app.

Simply to your destination

Start your one-euro rental and get navigated directly to your destination – without leaving the app.


You are a good driver? Collect FlipCoins when you get to your destination safely and without detours – and get upgrades!

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