The FlipCar App

The key to a 1 Euro rental car

Here you can find available one-euro cars near you. Car rental companies, leasing companies and car dealerships can place their logistics journeys with us – you can easily find where their cars have to go from which city in the app and book your suitable journey. Super easy!

However, there is a small catch: What’s gone, is gone!
Since logistics trips don’t take place all the time, it’s possible that you won’t find exactly the trip you want. So check it out from time to time, new trips are added almost every day.

But hey, everything for only 1€!

From A
to B

The app shows you where the car needs to be picked up and dropped off.

Clever and cheaply

There’s a suitable ride for you? Book it quickly and easily with just one swipe!

Travel with FlipCar

Weekend trips, short holidays or visiting friends – spontaneously bookable via the app.

Simply to your destination

Start your one-euro rental and get navigated directly to your destination – without leaving the app.


You are a good driver? Collect FlipCoins when you get to your destination safely and without detours – and get upgrades!

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