Travel cheap – with FlipCar


FlipCar is a newly founded mobility provider that has made it its mission to make spontaneous trips from city to city clever and affordable. FlipCar is a technology startup, Internet company and logistics service provider – without owning a single vehicle.

The FlipCar App optimises logistics for car rental companies, leasing companies and car dealers as well as creating a new way for everyone to travel comfortably, ecologically and affordably within existing structures. Thus FlipCar is the connection between car transfers and the individual travel needs for our users.




Sven Gunkel

Sven takes care of the companies which want to transport their cars with FlipCar. Previously, Sven has worked in several areas of logistics and understands how to get things from A to B in a smart way.


Okan Gürsel

Okan takes care of the product development of FlipCar and is the direct connection to the user. As the creative director of an app agency, Okan has already managed several successful apps from the concept to the implementation.




Innovation partner

team neusta

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American Express

Mobility partners

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